In the raw material cultivation phase, the raw material seeds to be used in production is certified and grown using the seed types included in the standard of Restaurant Brands International (RBI) and is constantly controlled in the sowing, growth and harvesting stages.

The breeds used are industrial type potatoes. They have high dry matter rates, are resistant to storage processes and diseases. (Lady Olimpia, Russet Burbank, Innovator) These types of industrial potatoes are brought from abroad and certified by being grown in private fields rented from the state. These certified seeds are given to the contracted farmers and planted and taken for processing by the factory after harvest. This process is a three-year process.

A traceability program is implemented at all stages from the field to the final product, and the whole process is carried out in BRC and RBI standards.

After the harvested product arrives at the factory, quality control is carried out and the analysis results are processed in production after the appropriate raw material is received and the raw material to be used for the whole season is stored.

Leading storage systems are used in the world during the storage phase and it is ensured that the freshness of the potatoes is maintained at the highest level during the storage period.

In the production process, after the raw material coming from the warehouse is calibrated in size, production is given and the production goes through the following stages:



14,000-16,000 tons of certified seed potatoes are produced on 3,500-4,000 decares of irrigable land in the state lands tendered for potato seed production belonging to the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises in accordance with the criteria determined by the state.


Across Turkey, a total of 40,000 decares of irrigable land in approximately 25 provinces is cultivated with 150,000 tons of raw potatoes, which are paid in accordance with the factory purchase criteria.

The raw potato production process covers a 3-year period. The first year of this is the contracted higher level seed sowing abroad and delivery to the factory seed warehouse. In the second year, the seeds coming to the upper level are multiplied and certified in the state lands tendered for potato seed production belonging to the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises and delivered to the factory seed warehouse. In the third year, the certified seeds are distributed to the farmers and companies contracted to produce raw potatoes, and the varieties determined according to the climate and soil structure of the region are distributed and their planting is ensured. During the season, technical support is provided by making land controls, fertilization and spraying programs. At harvest time, dismantling program is made in accordance with the production and sales plan of the factory, raw potatoes in accordance with the purchase criteria are delivered to the factory raw potato warehouse.